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BRO. Nasal Strips

BRO. Nasal Strips

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BreathBRO Nasal Strips, created to boost nasal airflow during sleep, workouts, competitions, and high-intensity activities. Constructed from eco-friendly cotton and featuring a hypoallergenic medical adhesive, these strips provide a gentle touch for comfort, breathability, and sweat absorption. Reap the rewards of refined nasal breathing, improved well-being, heightened cognitive performance and elevated sleep quality.

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Tailored for Fitness Enthusiasts and Athletes. Ensures comfort during workouts with sweat-absorbent and breathable features. Utilizes medical-grade adhesive for robust and lasting adhesion. Gentle on sensitive skin with hypoallergenic and non-irritating properties. Completely drug-free for natural relief. Convenient one-size-fits-most design. Extended wear time of up to 12 hours for enduring support. Additionally enhances sleep quality and diminishes snoring.

How to Use?

CLEAN: Wash and dry your nose area thoroughly. Optional: Apply a small amount of moisturiser for smooth skin. APPLY: Remove the liner and center the strip over your nose, pressing down firmly to secure it. REMOVE: Peel off gently from the edges, moving towards the centre. Embrace the path to improved breathing, better sleep, and enhanced physical performance with our innovative nasal strips.

What are our Nasal Strips made of?

Crafted from High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Cotton for natural skin breathability coupled with a Sweat-Absorbent design for comfort. Adhered with Medical-Grade Adhesive ensuring the strips stay put all day or night with pain-free removal. Integrated with a Breathing Vent for your peace of mind and safety. Hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Why Nasal Breathing?

Mouth breathing can compromise your well-being – leading to decreased oxygen levels, constant fatigue, dental health issues, and weakened facial muscles. Our nasal strips encourage you to embrace nasal breathing, which is the optimal way to breathe, thereby enhancing your health and appearance.

Boost Your Workout

"Nasal breathing can increase blood oxygen levels by 18% and improve CO2 tolerance." This translates to:

  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Decreased Breathlessness and dehydration
  • Strengthened Diaphragm for better core stability
  • Lowered Breathing Rate to ease stress

Pair with BreatheBRO Mouth Tape for dual airflow optimization.

Fed Up with Fatigue?

Mouth breathing might be the culprit. Nasal strips not only reduce snoring but also promote relaxation, supporting longer, more restorative deep and REM sleep cycles. Essential for bodily repair, they aid in the production of growth hormone and boost brain function, mood, and memory. Wake up refreshed with Breatheeze nasal strips.

Key Advantages

Provides support for breathing challenges like deviated septum, colds, stuffy nose, nasal congestion from allergies, and irritants. Amplified Breathing: Elevate performance in cardio workouts, intense exercises, and sports activities. Cognitive Clarity: Heighten focus and productivity. Optimized Workouts: Improve oxygen intake, particularly beneficial for sports and exercise. Oral Well-being: Mitigate issues like dry mouth, bad breath, sinus problems, dental concerns, and enhance oxygen intake by preventing mouth breathing. Enhanced Sleep Quality: Lessen snoring and alleviate nasal congestion for a more restful sleep experience.

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